About Us

Mister Smokes is the genuine distributor of tees and quality smoking accessories with a proven track record and a ten years respectable experience. The story about us has never been a fairy tale. It's not a soap opera about one more from rags-to-riches "true story" Our starting point was a broken home and gang -infested neighborhood. Mister smokes has become a way of survival . An alternative lifestyle oasis for low riders, hip hop , graffiti artist, surfers, djs, skateboarders,smokers, snowboarders, gamer's, and other higher purpose seakers around the world. Help us spread the word "Dreams come true, never give up!



Phone:   (714) 690-9600

Address:   7685 Knott Ave

                  Buena Park, CA 90620

Email: wholesale@mistersmokes.com